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A Note to Arcade Fire

Dear Arcade Fire, You guys make it really difficult for me to keep running when I’m getting choked up listening to Half Light II (No Celebration). It’s difficult to process this and breathe at the same time. Carry on. -Luke … Continue reading

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Paleo Infomercial

So I’d like to discuss a few things that are Paleo related. First, I think I’ll define Paleo as more than my Homo Erectus diet, but as a pseudo-lifestyle. I’m not talking about living in the woods and wearing skins or whatever. … Continue reading

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An Observation

So when I watch videos of people lifting weights online, they always have some terrible, terrible music choices. I can’t even really describe it genre-wise. I think I’m too old. I just don’t understand why you have to be listening to … Continue reading

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Forgiveness Rock Record

So I have been listening to Broken Social Scene’s 2010 release, Forgiveness Rock Record a lot lately. I’m going to quote You Will Always be the Same, by Ryan Adams to summarize this album: Go on to the wars we won, they came home, … Continue reading

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I am in love with my Nike Free Run+ shoes! These shoes are so much fun. I’m trying to ease my way into the barefoot running craze, and these were my first step. I love that yellow, and I really like … Continue reading

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Run, Run, Run

So in addition to music, I’m going to talk about what I’m up to. Currently, besides working full time as a pharmacy technician at an independent pharmacy, I also have been running , completing my first half-marathon last October. Before … Continue reading

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