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Dylan Spirit

Bushwick Blues is our Simple Twist Of Fate. Hold on to my handNever let go Never let go We were just two kids acting tough Then we grew up Me, not so much All the other guys that you’ve seen … Continue reading

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A Note to Arcade Fire

Dear Arcade Fire, You guys make it really difficult for me to keep running when I’m getting choked up listening to Half Light II (No Celebration). It’s difficult to process this and breathe at the same time. Carry on. -Luke

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Fleet Foxes Sing

So Fleet Foxes has started a Tumblr cover song request line of sorts. Fleet Foxes Sing… I think it’s cool that social network stuff like Twitter and Tumblr are breaking the walls between celebrity and layperson. It’s cool being able … Continue reading

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Some Notes on Arcade Fire

So I’ve been listening to them a good bit this past week, and have therefore thought about them. First, some friends and I were discussing their best album. I think most can agree that it is not The Suburbs, but more … Continue reading

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“Indie is, at once, a genre (of music first, and then of film, books, video games, and anything else with a perceived arty sensibility, regardless of its relationship to a corporation), an ethos, a business model, a demographic, and a … Continue reading

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In Defense of Third Eye Blind

Yeah. I know. An indefensible position? Maybe. Their self-titled debut album was AWESOME. I bought it used from a friend in 7th grade. I think he used that money to go buy a Widespread Panic CD. This album opens with … Continue reading

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The Worst Song I Have Ever Heard, and More Thoughts

So this is kind of a toss-up, but I am going to choose Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten as the worst song I have ever heard. In a very close second is Train’s Hey Soul Sister, second only because I think it is more … Continue reading

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First Stupid Playlist

Here’s my Bees Playlist. No particular order. Honey Honey-Feist Company in my Back-Wilco Tupelo Honey-Van Morrison Wasp Nest-The National Muzzle of Bees-Wilco Honey Bee-Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers I’m a King Bee-The Grateful Dead Honey Dripper-Dr. John I was also … Continue reading

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