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A Compilation We Will Never See

When Are Lyle Lovett and Bizzy Bone going to put out a single together? Advertisements

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How I Spent My Saturday (GRAPHIC!!!)

So this story begins on Thursday. I was driving to a friend’s house when I hit a speed hump, and immediately after, my car starting shuddering and kind slowed down. I slowed and made it the remaining half mile or … Continue reading

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Another Fake Band

How about a punk band, “Hot Compost?” The first EP would be called Nightcrawlers Potential Tracks: Vermiculture Wars Herbicidal Mania Violet Riot Janie is a Dicot Whoreticulture Mendel is Dead Can you think of any other good ones?

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I Wish (Sort Of)

If I were a female cyclist, I would own a bike shop called Menstrual Cycles.

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Observations > Musings

Also, I originally was going to use the tag “musings” to describe “musings” of mine, but that just sounds way too pretentious. So I changed it to Observations. “Musings” seems like you’re trying to be cutesy and clever. You can’t be … Continue reading

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The term disgruntled should carry a weight minimum with it; can you imagine a skinny disgruntled person? I think you must have to be heavy and breath loudly in order for this term to be applied to you. That is … Continue reading

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What a Nuisance!

This weekend I found a great new way to annoy and confuse people. I texted several of my friends faux-conversation fragments: “I think it’s at 7:30. Who is this?” “It’s over on 57th and Washington. Is this Sal?” “I got … Continue reading

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Third Stupid Playlist

SPACE This one might be too easy. Starman- David Bowie My Moon My Man- Feist Astral Weeks- Van Morrison Space Travel is Boring- Modest Mouse Venus in Furs- The Velvet Underground Astro Man- The Jimi Hendrix Experience Orion- Metallica Spaceboy- The Smashing Pumpkins Planet Telex- Radiohead … Continue reading

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Second Stupid Playlist

Surveillance Mix Man in the Long Black Coat- Bob Dylan Chase Scene- Broken Social Scene Watch that Man- David Bowie How to Disappear Completely- Radiohead The Murder Mystery- The Velvet Underground Secret Meeting- The National Highly Suspicious- My Morning Jacket Police & Thieves- The Clash What’s He Building … Continue reading

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Annoying Songs

These songs get stuck in my head frequently: All Star; Smashmouth Du Hast; Rammstein Waterfalls; TLC BINGO; That kids song (I’m serious! It is sooo annoying!) I’ll probably post more of these at some point, and I also apologize if any of these get … Continue reading

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