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Subway ≥ McDonald’s?

Apparently Subway has surpassed McDonald’s as the world’s largest restaurant chain, I read as I enjoyed one of many “cheat” meals of this previous week. Luckily, this was at Subway and not McDonald’s. Of fast food lunch and dinner diners, … Continue reading

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Paleo Infomercial

So I’d like to discuss a few things that are Paleo related. First, I think I’ll define Paleo as more than my Homo Erectus diet, but as a pseudo-lifestyle. I’m not talking about living in the woods and wearing skins or whatever. … Continue reading

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Caveman Eat Good

So I started Crossfit at the beginning of November 2010. I’ve been doing it consistently since then, and have definitely seen improvements in my athleticism (or lack thereof, some may argue, myself included!). One thing that was really cool about … Continue reading

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