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I think I’ve had a realization today: I’m not sure if I’m smart, like in the classical sense. I have figured out how to do a lot of things…I can fix my own car, do some web stuff, and a … Continue reading

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“In 2004, University of Washington obesity researcher Adam Drewnowski discovered that consumers on a fixed budget can buy a lot more calories from processed foods and soft drinks than they can from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. He found that … Continue reading

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Social Insecurity

So I just had an apostrophe epiphany: As a young person, I’m not counting on getting social security when I retire, which I think is a smart way to live one way or the other. It was designed to keep the … Continue reading

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Social Media

It seems like they’ll make a new social media format for anything. And I think it’s working. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tehcnorati, Tumblr, SocialVibe, Goodreads, Klout, Google+, et cetera, ad nauseum. I just listed these services and I’m using most … Continue reading

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Observations > Musings

Also, I originally was going to use the tag “musings” to describe “musings” of mine, but that just sounds way too pretentious. So I changed it to Observations. “Musings” seems like you’re trying to be cutesy and clever. You can’t be … Continue reading

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The term disgruntled should carry a weight minimum with it; can you imagine a skinny disgruntled person? I think you must have to be heavy and breath loudly in order for this term to be applied to you. That is … Continue reading

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Some Notes on Arcade Fire

So I’ve been listening to them a good bit this past week, and have therefore thought about them. First, some friends and I were discussing their best album. I think most can agree that it is not The Suburbs, but more … Continue reading

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Dave Matthews Bland

So I have another conundrum. What is the deal with Dave Matthews Band? So there are several facets to this. They are all technically skilled musicians, they write good lyrics, they perform well together, and none of them are downright … Continue reading

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“Indie is, at once, a genre (of music first, and then of film, books, video games, and anything else with a perceived arty sensibility, regardless of its relationship to a corporation), an ethos, a business model, a demographic, and a … Continue reading

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An Observation

So when I watch videos of people lifting weights online, they always have some terrible, terrible music choices. I can’t even really describe it genre-wise. I think I’m too old. I just don’t understand why you have to be listening to … Continue reading

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