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Twenty-seven years and nothing but failures and promises that I couldn’t keep         Turning that around, I hope Advertisements

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Social Insecurity

So I just had an apostrophe epiphany: As a young person, I’m not counting on getting social security when I retire, which I think is a smart way to live one way or the other. It was designed to keep the … Continue reading

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“Indie is, at once, a genre (of music first, and then of film, books, video games, and anything else with a perceived arty sensibility, regardless of its relationship to a corporation), an ethos, a business model, a demographic, and a … Continue reading

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Risk Aversion

So in investing, it’s recommended that as a young person, you should take more risks, because you can afford it; direct your portfolio in an aggressive manner. I have done this, and I have been getting burned on the whole. … Continue reading

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