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Hadn’t posted anything on here in a few weeks I guess. I have been intentionally avoiding blogging, but I honestly haven’t had anything I’ve felt like writing about either. I won’t call it writer’s block, more like life-block. However, I … Continue reading

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Fleet Foxes Sing

So Fleet Foxes has started a Tumblr cover song request line of sorts. Fleet Foxes Sing… I think it’s cool that social network stuff like Twitter and Tumblr are breaking the walls between celebrity and layperson. It’s cool being able … Continue reading

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Social Media

It seems like they’ll make a new social media format for anything. And I think it’s working. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tehcnorati, Tumblr, SocialVibe, Goodreads, Klout, Google+, et cetera, ad nauseum. I just listed these services and I’m using most … Continue reading

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Observations > Musings

Also, I originally was going to use the tag “musings” to describe “musings” of mine, but that just sounds way too pretentious. So I changed it to Observations. “Musings” seems like you’re trying to be cutesy and clever. You can’t be … Continue reading

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Beast Skills

I am obsessed with this site, Beast Skills. Jim Bathurst, a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and former gymnast has great tutorials for progressing into many gymnastic skills. This may sound a little silly, but these are great workouts, and I … Continue reading

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Driven to Distraction

Should I get a Tumblr? Now on Tumblr!    

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