Dylan Spirit

Bushwick Blues is our Simple Twist Of Fate.

Hold on to my handNever let go

Never let go

We were just two kids acting tough

Then we grew up

Me, not so much

All the other guys that you’ve seen

are nothing compared to me

Because my love is strong

And my heart is weak

After all

When we first met

We spoke so brief

When you sang a sonnet

I hummed sweet relief

Do you recall that night we took the L

Out into Bushwick

It was colder than hell

So maybe there

We should have stopped

Cause I’m left here feeling like a cop

Because my love is strong

And my heart is weak

After all

To the other side

of the state’s return

I met a young girl

Well I couldn’t manage her

Because I think of you

In every girl i meet

It’s no relief

That sounds to me just as sweet

So maybe I’m the fool for feeling used

By the way we kissed that night i though you knew

Because my love is strong

And my heart is weak

After all

Bushwick Blues, Delta Spirit

They sat together in the parkAs the evening sky grew dark,

She looked at him and he felt a spark tingle to his bones.

‘Twas then he felt alone and wished that he’d gone straight

And watched out for a simple twist of fate.

They walked along by the old canal

A little confused, I remember well

And stopped into a strange hotel with a neon burnin’ bright.

He felt the heat of the night hit him like a freight train

Moving with a simple twist of fate.

A saxophone someplace far off played

As she was walkin’ by the arcade.

As the light bust through a beat-up shade where he was wakin’ up,

She dropped a coin into the cup of a blind man at the gate

And forgot about a simple twist of fate.

He woke up, the room was bare

He didn’t see her anywhere.

He told himself he didn’t care, pushed the window open wide,

Felt an emptiness inside to which he just could not relate

Brought on by a simple twist of fate.

He hears the ticking of the clocks

And walks along with a parrot that talks,

Hunts her down by the waterfront docks where the sailors all come in.

Maybe she’ll pick him out again, how long must he wait

Once more for a simple twist of fate.

People tell me it’s a sin

To know and feel too much within.

I still believe she was my twin, but I lost the ring.

She was born in spring, but I was born too late

Blame it on a simple twist of fate.

Simple Twist of Fate, Bob Dylan

Both of these songs kill me. They are so romantic, so sad, so full of heart. Delta Spirit really hits that helpless feeling when one realizes they have no control over their heart. Dylan really conveys that loneliness and almost obsession that oftentimes comes with love. I love both of these songs even if their comparison is a slight stretch. I apologize for the formatting issues above, it was difficult enough getting both songs in columns, much less getting the words straight. Amateur hour up here folks.

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