I think I’ve had a realization today:

I’m not sure if I’m smart, like in the classical sense. I have figured out how to do a lot of things…I can fix my own car, do some web stuff, and a few other skills, but I don’t know if my thinking is that innovative, or if I’m just good at knowing how to find things out. I feel like those of us who are growing up online are having issues with critical thought. I think we think more like computers. A computer doesn’t know how to solve a problem, nor does it remember (obviously one with a hard drive does, but in the basic sense, a computer just computes). But a computer is brilliant at knowing where to look. I think that is the new way of thinking… knowing where and how to look is becoming just as advantageous as actually having knowledge. I don’t know how to change out the timing belt on my Volkswagen, but I looked it up. Granted, I did retain that knowledge, and can adapt it, but I wonder if our brains, on the whole, are devoting more space to knowing how to search, than actually how to do.

Just a thought.

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