Fleet Foxes Sing

So Fleet Foxes has started a Tumblr cover song request line of sorts.

Fleet Foxes Sing…

I think it’s cool that social network stuff like Twitter and Tumblr are breaking the walls between celebrity and layperson. It’s cool being able to be in more direct contact with artists you like. I mean this more from a sociological perspective rather than a stalker one; Fans are more able to affect the art they consume or view, for the better or worse. I think overall it’s a good thing, though it is also pretty sickening seeing the “demagoguery” of tweens like Justin Bieber. Though I’m not faulting him so much as his rabid fans for elevating him to titanic status.

Anyways, I requested them to sing God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. Sick harmonies beget sick harmonies. Check it out!



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2 Responses to Fleet Foxes Sing

  1. 300hikes says:

    I want so badly to see the Fleet Foxes in concert. They were recently performing in Portland, (just a couple of hours away,) but alas, it was just too expensive. Maybe one of these days…

  2. LukeR84 says:

    I’m in that same boat with you. I’d love to see them during snowfall, somehow.

    Thanks for reading!

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