Social Media

It seems like they’ll make a new social media format for anything. And I think it’s working. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tehcnorati, Tumblr, SocialVibe, Goodreads, Klout, Google+, et cetera, ad nauseum. I just listed these services and I’m using most of them as well. I feel kind of like a sucker, and kind of confused. I mean, because I have Nike shoes, I can publicize the distances I run via Twitter! I didn’t even know I cared about that until I bought the shoes! Social media is great at manufacturing it’s own utility.

I’m not sure what social media really is. I mean, I know what it is, but I don’t know how it is. I don’t understand its phenomenon. Why do we like it? Is it its expediency and escapist properties? As a product, it seems to have any value; I’m very confused as to why Facebook is valued as high as it is; Yes, everybody and their mother is on it, but nobody actually pays attention to the ads. I think, and this has likely been said by financial analysts, that we are in for a second tech bubble, this time via social media. With LinkedIn’s recent IPO and Facebook’s on the horizon, I wonder what these companies are truly adding. To me, it seems like they are just connecting people to each other and to brands, and their value is that they allow brands some metrics to gauge their market on. I think that there is more data to be had at, yet it doesn’t seem like any of these companies are really gaining any edge themselves on advertising.

It’s a strange phenomenon, and I like the concept of using these, they all have some utility for the individual, but it’s a manufactured utility. They all piggyback each other, and deep down, I think it may be for shameless self promotion (haha). At my place of employment, I am going to attempt to increase our internet presence, and I will be utilizing a few of these services to do so. I’m excited about it, it will be interesting to see if I/we can capitalize on new media, but I also am skeptical; I’m not sure a pharmacy can really pick up business or hype on the internet. A drugstore, I believe, best maintains and grows its business via the services it gives, both quantity and quality, rather than the hype it can build.

Now to see if I can build my own hype! (But why?)

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