What a Nuisance!

This weekend I found a great new way to annoy and confuse people. I texted several of my friends faux-conversation fragments:

“I think it’s at 7:30. Who is this?”

“It’s over on 57th and Washington. Is this Sal?”

“I got it yesterday, who is this?”

And several other similar texts. It was awesome. I was hoping to get a few friends to bite and actually think that they had intercepted a text from a random number, but still showing up as me, and it kind of worked. I don’t know if a 57th and Washington exists, nor do I know a Sal.  I think I am going to periodically send these to people, and see what happens. Its funny because they also think that it might actually be you, but then have to remember if they had sent you a message, or if they even know a “Sal.” I’ve tried to get my parents, but it hasn’t worked yet.

If anyone reading this tries it, please,  I implore you to post what happens!

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2 Responses to What a Nuisance!

  1. I texted several friends, “Call an ambulance quick! I’m trapped in a burning house.” They weren’t amused.

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