Part III

Sorrow Pt. III


What a Friend We Have in Jesus- Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Many Rivers to Cross- Jimmy Cliff

These Days-Nico

Requiem- M.Ward

So Many Roads- The Grateful Dead

Hummingbird– Wilco

Tables And Chairs- Andrew Bird

Remember The Mountain Bed- Billy Bragg and Wilco

Ocean Breathes Salty- Sun Kil Moon

Ghost- Neutral Milk Hotel

Come On Up To The House- Tom Waits

Madame George– Van Morrison


This list was actually harder to assemble. Some of these songs I’d like to be played at my own funeral (BTW, I want a Jazz Funeral, if I do enough in life to warrant one!) I tried to find sad songs that remembered someone or just felt like death (not really the eerie death either it seems), but Tables and Chairs is the lone exception. I feel like Andrew Bird is describing heaven on earth, but it sounds almost as good as real heaven. I hope that for those living amidst chaos and destruction that there is a respite akin to the way I feel when I listen to that song, at least for a few moments.

Any additions?

And if anyone knows a way I could actually embed these audio tracks easily, that would be swell.

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6 Responses to Part III

  1. A lot of these are on my top lists……weird that I like so many sad songs. Have you heard “Beauty of the Days Gone By?” It would be another good one…

  2. Molly Drake says:

    Meant to mention this earlier:
    You can upload any playlist for streaming and link to it.

  3. Oh–a blog! Nice choices, very inspired. You must know sorrow personally. Ummm, this doesn’t fit with the styles you’ve chosen for your playlists, but Max Richter’s “On the Nature of Daylight” (a classical piece, although one of recent creation) has moved several people to tears in my presence when I’ve played it for them. Keep up the misery: “happiness writes white.”

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