Bad Things Come in Threes

A playlist in three parts

Sorrow Pt. I

The Breakup

Daughters of the Soho Riots- The National

Ooh La La- The Faces

Simple Twist of Fate- Jeff Tweedy (from the I’m Not There soundtrack)

Which Will- Nick Drake

Back to Black- Amy Winehouse

I Only Wear Blue- Dr. Dog

Via Chicago- Wilco

Sylvia Plath- Ryan Adams

Please Do Not Let Me Go- Ryan Adams

La Cienega Just Smiled- Ryan Adams

Meadowlake Street- Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Call Me On Your Way Back Home- Ryan Adams

Who Are You- Tom Waits

I Think Ur A Contra- Vampire Weekend

At The Hop- Devendra Banhart

Sentimental X’s- Broken Social Scene

Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl- Broken Social Scene


These songs kill me. I love the way Scott McMicken’s voice falters in I Only Wear Blue, and Jeff Tweedy’s for that matter. I’m torn as to whose version of Simple Twist of Fate is more sad, his or Dylan’s. Most every song by The National kills me, but Daughters of the Soho Riots is definitely the saddest, but I’m not completely sure as to why. I Think Ur a Contra is the second saddest song Vampire Weekend has done, the first being their cover of Springsteen’s I’m Going Down. This song though is more them, and more of a breakup song. And pretty much all of Ryan Adams’ Oeuvre kills me. I don’t even know where to start with him.


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