Beast Skills

I am obsessed with this site, Beast Skills. Jim Bathurst, a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and former gymnast has great tutorials for progressing into many gymnastic skills. This may sound a little silly, but these are great workouts, and I believe that it is just as important to have skills that you use your strength for as it is to look and feel good. Even if your only skills are silly party tricks.

See! Party Trick!

Anyways, He has several skill sets, each of which build off another, for the most part. I can do a few so far, but it’s so cool to see what I could do. That is one of the problems, actually. I want to learn how to do everything! What’s also cool is that these are great strength exercises, as well as being good for muscle memory. If you’re lacking weights or looking to add some functionality to your routine, check Beast Skills out! I guarantee you will be humbled. Now if I could just nail some handstand pushups, I’d be doing ok.

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