Subway ≥ McDonald’s?

Apparently Subway has surpassed McDonald’s as the world’s largest restaurant chain, I read as I enjoyed one of many “cheat” meals of this previous week. Luckily, this was at Subway and not McDonald’s. Of fast food lunch and dinner diners, 15 per cent of them order certain menu items for health reasons; more than 3/4 of these people chose Subway (over McDonald’s, Wendy’s, & Burger King).

I’m not so sure what I think of this. I guess it’s good that people are trying to eat “healthy,” but I find the true “healthiness” of Subway suspect. I’ll give it to them- Subway has done a great job of marketing healthiness- I know I’ve eaten there many times in the past under the guise of making a healthy choice (I did try to get a substantial amount of vegetables on my sandwiches). But I don’t think that American consumers are well informed of what they are actually eating. Actually, I know they aren’t. This isn’t news either. I guess Subway’s food is a step closer to true, real food than McDonald’s. But I also imagine that some people still go and get meatball subs (me) instead of deli sandwiches, but think that they are eating healthy, because there is whole grains and tomatoes (not me!).

I guess it’s an attentional bias or something, but I am feeling more optimistic about public health in relation to obesity issues. Since I’ve been paying attention to health related news and subject material, it seems like I’ve also noticed a lot of positive changes in health policies or companies’ efforts to make healthier food. I hope that I’m wrong and things really are starting to get better. Maybe I should just go watch Food, Inc. again and get sad. Whole Foods or somebody needs to start a psuedo-fast food chain. I guess that’s kind of contradictory, but it would draw new lines in the food and health wars, if it actually worked.

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