Dave Matthews Bland

So I have another conundrum.

What is the deal with Dave Matthews Band?

So there are several facets to this. They are all technically skilled musicians, they write good lyrics, they perform well together, and none of them are downright unlikeable (as in terrible, unethical people) and their sound isn’t bad, but I just don’t like them! I have several of their CDs, but I was really only into them for a few months, and I feel like it was kind of at a fairly superficial level then. There is something that just annoys me about them. Dave Matthews himself I find a little difficult. I sense something phony about him, but can’t put my finger on it. I definitely think that their songs are overproduced, maybe that’s the issue.

But I do know that one thing that really bothers me is their die-hard fans. It’s like people who want to be indie or something, but are just too boring. I don’t know. I mean, I guess they (the band) are a good band, but they just bore me and are uninteresting. I think it’s unfortunate. I want to believe in Dave Matthews Band, but I just don’t. Even if I did, I still couldn’t be a superfan.

Just a thought. Any insights? Someone out there has to be able to articulate why DMB is so untouchably annoying/boring. Could it really be just their hardcore fans? Am I alone in feeling like this?

P.S. I’d also like to see a general profile of the average Alanis Morrisette fan too. I had the ever-irksome Head Over Feet stuck in my head for a few hours today. She also destroyed my ability to define the word Ironic. I don’t think anyone who grew up with that song will ever be able to discern irony. (Is that Ironic? [see what I mean!])

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