Delusions of Grandeur

So for whatever reason, I like to think that I could talk either Beach House or Dr. Dog into playing my wedding. I’m not getting married anytime soon, nor considering it. I Also don’t think I really have the money. Somehow though, I feel like when the time comes, I would be able to compel one of them to play my wedding. It’s a nice dream (a Teen Dream perhaps?).

I never would have thought that my beard would be larger than Devendra Banhart's.

I think this sort of stems from my semi- luck with meeting indie celebrities. I’ve met Jeff Tweedy twice (He is my favorite! He’s so nice and  so funny!), M.Ward once, Devendra Banhart once, and the guys from Dr. Dog a few times as well. For whatever reason, this has led to a semi-delusion that they are just regular people, and would like to hang out. I’m not sure if they would with me, but I’m sure I would with them.

Anyways, I think part of it too is from The National. Their 2007 release, Boxer has a picture of them playing their producer’s wedding, and it looks so awesome and indie and dramatic and beautiful and everything that would be cool in a wedding. I think Dr. Dog would be excellent just because they have a lot of heart and are so much fun; Beach House, because I cannot stop listening to Teen Dream. Victoria Legrand’s voice is so hypnotizing. I could do a first dance to Real Love I think. It is a waltz. Everybody loves waltzes.

Anyways, I had better start saving.

Who would you like to play your wedding? Living or dead?

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