An Observation

So when I watch videos of people lifting weights online, they always have some terrible, terrible music choices. I can’t even really describe it genre-wise. I think I’m too old. I just don’t understand why you have to be listening to a band of gorillas who play with their bass amped up to 11, and have 4 double-kick drums in order to work out. I get “angry” I guess when I’m trying to clean and jerk and can’t quite pull it, but anger is not the general emotion that I associate with exercise.

Look at Iggy Pop with his pageboy cut! A regular Davey Jones!

I prefer either my new “Crunk Indie” mix (featuring LCD Soundsystem, Peter, Bjorn, and John, and that Lil’ Wayne song, Let the Beat Build) or something nasty and destructive, but still considered actual music (Such as The Stooges or Velvet Underground. There’s something about that nihilism that makes exercise seem so much more…badass I guess.) I just don’t get all that angry speed metal stuff. I get the ugliness thing-exercise can be like a phoenix rising from the ashes or something, but angry metal music just seems like it’s angry for the sake of being angry; like that’s what the band is paid to do. It’s phony. I’d rather listen to Iggy Pop tell me that everything is worthless and that I should try to destroy myself. I think that pushes me harder; the fear of becoming a waste.

*Running is almost the same story, but I run to relax sometimes too, or to just “be,” it’s not always about getting another PR.

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