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Paleo Chicken

So I started Crossfit at the beginning of November 2010. I’ve been doing it consistently since then, and have definitely seen improvements in my athleticism (or lack thereof, some may argue, myself included!). One thing that was really cool about it was my introduction to the Paleo Diet, and various tangents from it.

The Paleo Diet, as I explain it, avoids the bottom of the food guide pyramid like the plague, avoids processed foods, and avoids legumes and dairy. My version was the same, though I could not give up milk (cold whole milk is so good), peanut butter (Skippy Natural is the jam), or dark chocolate (that Endangered Species 88% is delicious, and a meal in itself). I’d eat black beans on occasion, and eventually would cheat with ice cream (Häagen Dazs Five chocolate is ridiculous). Well, Aristotle’s golden mean doesn’t work so well with me- I’m either 0 or 100%. I’ve been off the wagon quite a bit for the last few months, but still know how to eat right, and what to eat, but making myself do it has been difficult. Part of that has been expense, part circumstance, mostly laziness. I’m doing my best to stay with it, but it is difficult; I guess that’s why its worth it.

I believe in this Paleo business. Even if one were to include breads, rice, and other starchy stuff, I think many could agree that processed foods are seeming more and more unhealthy. I realize the illusions in marketing “natural” and even organic products, but I also agree that, for the most part, they are a step in the right direction. Food politics is such a scary issue, and definitely goes beyond party lines. I like to think I’m pretty healthy, and I got a blood test done after several months on my high-fat (I’m with Mark Sisson on Saturated fats, and lots of ’em. Check his site out), low-carb diet, and things came out looking pretty good.

I mainly wanted to put in a short plug for Paleo (here is where I’ll link to Robb Wolf,  whose book, The Paleo Solution, I loved, and it made a lot of sense to me), and I guess to open up this blog to presenting or discussing more information about food, politics, nutrition, and fitness.

And also, Take a look at the polls I post, I want some input!

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  1. Molly Drake says:

    I think I forgot to email you this blog, but it’s a good one I’ve been reading for the past two or three months –

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