In Defense of Third Eye Blind

What is going on here?

Yeah. I know.

An indefensible position? Maybe.

Their self-titled debut album was AWESOME.

I bought it used from a friend in 7th grade. I think he used that money to go buy a Widespread Panic CD.

This album opens with Losing a Whole Year, which I like a lot. I can’t exactly say it’s “heavy,” but it hits pretty good, and I think is a pretty solid intro to the album. I’m not going to go through each song, but the first 5 tracks are a lot of fun, including the most well-known song, Semi-Charmed Life. Track 6 is How’s it Gonna Be, which is good too, but I think that this album shines the most in the last tracks (though Jumper and Graduate are also really good). I Want You and God of Wine are great, but the best, and the reason I find them defendable is Motorcycle Drive By.

That song is one of the more honest breakup/getting dumped songs I’ve heard. The chorus. “I’ve never been so alone, and I’ve never been so alive” I think is a very true statement. Being alone, and very alone/lonely is probably the most alive one can feel, especially in modern society. This feeling of life is not always a good feeling either. The voice in this song is liberated, but with (more than) a tinge of sadness. I also love imagery of New York and of paddling out to sea on a surfboard, alone.

This album is borderline guilty pleasure with me-I guess I should feel guilty, but I don’t. I could also argue that this album’s sound still stands. It’s 90’s alternative, but I can still listen to it today, and I think a lot of people could, and have a little trouble dating it. I’ll also say that some of their sound seems to preface the emo-indie wave of the early 00’s- I can hear Third Eye Blind in Death Cab for Cutie and that Plain White T’s song. I still feel teenage listening to it, and actually haven’t in a long time (partially because my copy is scratched, therefore not on my iTunes), but I might have to go re-purchase it. Hopefully it won’t be a mistake like it was when I bought 40 Oz. to Freedom by Sublime for the second time.

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