Forgiveness Rock Record

The album cover, of course

So I have been listening to Broken Social Scene’s 2010 release, Forgiveness Rock Record a lot lately. I’m going to quote You Will Always be the Same, by Ryan Adams to summarize this album:

Go on to the wars we won, they came home, they made up

This album to me, is cathartic. It is the release one gains from giving into temptation, the guilt that follows, and the relief of confession. It is the peace after a whirlwind battle. It is forgiveness incarnate. This album I feel covers the swath of human emotions through the arc of a friendship or relationship. I feel like I will really identify with it when I’m older, when I’ve gotten through and over my 20’s, and all this growing up stuff has finally shaken out. Most every song on here I feel like is about peace and calmness.  The ladies’ arias (I think thats the correct word?) sound like the softest birds on Highway Slipper Jam, Sentimental X’s, and All to All. I think that trio of songs are probably the prettiest songs recorded in 2010. Whenever I hear Highway Slipper Jam, I think of the Forrest Gump running montage, where he passes all the beautiful landscapes. That run, like this album, seems like an amends with a longtime lover or ex-lover, and the peace and closure that forgiveness brings.

I could talk more about the other songs too, but those three and World Sick are my top favorites; everything else is great too. If it isn’t obvious, I like running (and driving) while listening to this album, especially if I’m sad or feeling like I need a hug. The tempo on a lot of their songs is close to perfect for the speeds I run, and I love their use of horns. I think that Broken Social Scene is probably one of the best narrators of 20-something romance, and perhaps life in general as a 26-year-old. Indeed, “off and on is what we want.”

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