I am in love with my Nike Free Run+ shoes!

Banana Time

I figure that since I'm not all that fast, I can make up for it in offensiveness.

These shoes are so much fun. I’m trying to ease my way into the barefoot running craze, and these were my first step. I love that yellow, and I really like the Nike chip thing that interfaces with my iPod. I don’t plan on ever getting any Vibram FiveFingers; those things are just so silly looking and pretentious (in the bad way).  I agree with the science, but I might just be a little too conservative for all that. My next shoes should be more of these, but I also want some Merrell Trail Gloves, or the New Balance Minimus; those are both great looking shoes in the barefoot realm. I wonder if the Vibrams are going to be a joke in a few years. Even if the shoes themselves are, I applaud their concept, and I hope that this Barefoot craze lasts.

Speaking of barefoot running, I think it’s really odd that this barefoot thing, which I am convinced of, is happening at the same time as those ridiculous “rocker” shoes. By rocker I mean those “toning” shoes that are shaped like a boat on the bottom. Skechers makes those ridiculous shape-up things, and I know other brands have caught on. I don’t understand how both of these shoes can exist simultaneously- I mean, those “toning” shoes are antithetical to the Barefoot idea, and it seems like science has Barefoot’s back. I understand the skepticism of barefoot running, but it still makes more sense than wearing some ridiculous looking diabetic shoe. I feel like those are only marketed to people who watch daytime tv and smoke discount cigarettes.

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