Run, Run, Run

So in addition to music, I’m going to talk about what I’m up to. Currently, besides working full time as a pharmacy technician at an independent pharmacy, I also have been running , completing my first half-marathon last October. Before I ran my second half on Thanksgiving Day,  I began doing Crossfit. In the month between these races, I ran a 5k and did a few interval sprints up a hill; everything else was Crossfit stuff like rowing and kettlebells and deadlifts. This blog will likely become a testament to the value and effectiveness of a General Physical Preparedness program. With that in mind, my second time dropped  from 2:11:37 to 2:08:12 on a harder course.  Since then, I’ve been running less, Crossfitting more, and still getting faster. My next goal is to run a sub 6:00 mile. We’ll see about that! (I’m currently pulling a low 7, but I believe I’m faster than that.)

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