Corollary to “The Generation Gap”

Also, I think it’s weird too that:

1) I’m searching for my parent’s approval on music to an extent

2) I’m pretty sure their generation sought to do the exact opposite.

By these I mean that I’d like to introduce my parents to some good stuff. I played Funeral by Arcade Fire for my Mom a few months ago (as in rode in the car with her and played the CD) and all she had to say was her canned response to most stuff I listen to: “This guy sounds like he’s in pain.” With a grimace on her face. Whatever.

But it is also weird that her generation (She was born in ’58, my dad, ’53) pretty much destroyed anything classical that they could get their hands on. It wasn’t just a sexual revolution or one of race, it was a Nietzchean revolution; destroy everything old. And what you do keep, mock it. Iggy Pop may have been the first Hipster.

So why do I care what my parents think of my music, and why would/should I try to share it? I guess that it’s inborn to seek parental approval, but you would think that after the 60’s everyone would be counter-parent.

Too many thoughts tonight. Need to sleep.

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