The Generation Gap

So the whole family today went to my cousin’s 5th birthday party. I had control of the iPod. On the way back while listening to Dr. Dog my mom asked if we could turn it off, so we could listen to something “with a beat,” whatever that means. They then put in Bruce Hornsby and The Range, The Way It Is. What was funny is that even though I grew up hearing this album, I actually expected the song to take the Tupac route rather than the original. What fun it would be to make a trick playlist subbing in Changes!

In that vein, isn’t it weird, and maybe its just me, but isn’t it weird that you try to get your parents on board with (your) good music, and even though it’s sooo good and you and everybody else knows it is, they just wanna listen to their old school stuff? I get it, but it’s so odd. I realize the value and quality of music of the 60’s and 70’s, and I think that’s the problem. I wonder if I’m going to hit the wall when I hit 30/have kids and my musical tastes will become stuck in time. It’s also funny because I feel like I know their era of music better than they do in a sense; as in I know more music and more important music from their era while they just know what was popular. I imagine I and everybody will probably be in this boat at some point. What if Wilco and Arcade Fire and Ryan Adams and everybody else really weren’t the higher points of the past ~five to ten years? Worse, what if it’s The Black Eyed Peas?

Now for a run with The Stooges and Broken Social Scene.

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One Response to The Generation Gap

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head from a number of applicable angles, Luke. I’ve found the thoughts prevalent on the other side of the generational spectrum recently.

    I was watching MTV for the first time in a couple of years with my girlfriends teenage sister the other day. They were playing something called The Deans List of a person’s top 10 songs….

    I spent the next hour giving her a history lesson behind The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blind Melon, Michael Jackson, and a handful of other sub-90’s bands. She had no idea. They might as well have played with Sam Cooke or Lena Horne as far as she was concerned.

    It made me sad.

    Welcome to WordPress. Keep on writing, man.

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