Saying Hi! Saying Hello!

So I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for a while, and today I finally did it. I’ve been waffling on whether or not I should make one for quite a few reasons. I’m not sure if they’re pseudo-narcissistic, and I also couldn’t really think of anything good to write about, nor could I come up with a good title. Today I think I found both, and I’ll figure out the narcissism thing later (or come to grips with it!)

My likely path is going to consist of me writing about songs or albums that affect my day to day life. I think I view a lot of events in my life like a movie, and it should have a killer soundtrack. I’ll probably throw in other media as well, and likely a lot of other stuff too. I’ve been thinking about creating ridiculous playlists, so I’d expect a few of those to pop up too.

I think this will also serve as a good cathartic outlet, not unlike a diary, but I suppose that goes without saying. I’ve never been good at keeping a journal, We’ll see how long I can keep up with a blog!


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